Fantastic Fleetwood!

1W had a lovely day trip to Fleetwood. We took with us a list of things to try and spot while we were at the seaside.

Firstly, we spent some time on the beach. The children made sandcastles, collected shells and had fun on the sand.

Next was lunch – yummy fish and chips which the children (and the teachers!) enjoyed lots.

Another little ride to the seafront and we all enjoyed an ice-cream.

Lots of tired eyes on the way home – must be the sea air!

Vive La France!

We had a lovely morning on our World Cup challenge day. We had picked France to concentrate on and found lots of activities to try.

We tried brioche, baguette, brie, croissant and pain au chocolat – yummy!

Then it was outside to play the traditional French game of boules – some of the children were (perhaps unintentionally!) brilliant at this!

Lastly, we had a building activity where the children had to try and build a mini Eiffel Tower with building blocks or Lego.

It was a great morning and enjoyed by all involved. If you could make it, thank you for coming. If you couldn’t make it this time, see if your child can answer any questions about France and what we have been learning. 🙂

Au Revoir!